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 Each one of us, during their existence, always looks for the best thing...
Why not to cure each self in the best way? 
It’s with joy that I welcome everyone on this website dedicated to chromopuncture. I hope I will communicate my enthusiasm for this discipline that now spreads to over 20 countries around the world committed to me and many other therapists to treat thousands of patients providing relief to them.
I am a surgeon and one day I got sick. After a long ordeal of exams and traditional treatments without success, I went to the clinic of Peter Mandel and thanks to the esogetica I recovered. Intrigued by the treatments I had to revise my studies in a different light on the diagnosis and therapeutic side.
The Cromotherapy – it’s an application on the skin of doses of light in the millennial Chinese agopunture points and the points found and tested for 40 years by Mandel. Why the light? We will start from the past… Jesus presenting himself said: I am the light.
Today… we know light is a set of colours that medicine defines quantum energy.
Each colour has its own bandwidth and frequency of oscillation that coming in contact with a living cell causes a certain reaction. Trying to look at for example at the red colour and after the blue color… our reactions are different!!! Even when we are anxious,  looking at the red or blue colour, causes various emotional states in us.

Let's just say that the cell language goes via colored input. Many scientists and researchers have examined the subject and the final push in 1975 was given by Peter Mandel with the creation of a new medicine: Esogetic. A brilliant fusion of knowledge for ancient cultures with the recent findings of quantum medicine.
In practice: our body emits luminescence from the end points of the energy meridians of the feet and hands that are printed on photographic paper.

This first exam is called DEPT and is performed at the beginnig. It provides an actual  functional and psychic overview of the patient. Remember that a state of health gives us information on how we were and how we will be in future.
The therapist can then act on the factors of the past that led to the sickness, give comfort and heal, regenerate functionality lost and give a mental a physical balance lost without needing medication. The DEPT examination is repeated during the treatment to see the progress of the patient and determine future treatments.

Therapy – uses weekly sessions until reaching the initial prefixed goal, wellness and recovery. It is suitable for all ages: In the child age it is able to identify and correct the functional deficits that could lead to diseases when adult. In the fertile age the patient requires a resolution of his psycho-physical torments that prevent a peaceful life.
Here the task of the health provider is to find out the pathological causes to intervene directly at the source of the problems. In mature and old age we have chronic conditions and degenerative diseases in people who have undergone treatments not solved.
Live and coexist with their pills in a passive state, immobile and often depressive.
The goal here is to remove the global stasis and bring the person to a capacity of life.
Statistics says that the Esogetic has the numbers to work and bring a non temporary wealth. We are talking of serious problems like SLA, tumours, rheumatoid arthritis and metabolic disease: 40% is resolved within three months.

Tools – Chromotherapy: Inserts of colored light in the acupoints of the skin.
Induction: Issuance of physiological rhythms such as lost sleep, memory and the immune system.
Crystals: Positioned on corporal points suitable to obtain superior balance.
Synapses: Solutions for dependencies, conflicts.
Contraindications – The Esogetic is a way of thinking and living. It’s a non invasive philosophy that uses color therapy as a mean of information.
Our mind and our body already is able to accept or deny what comes to us, what we eat, what we see. We know if we like the sweet or salty, the sea or the mountains, etc.
Similarly the Esogetic information if considered useful from our body is used otherwise not accepted. We don’t have side effects.


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